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Program Management 

Effective program management provides the critical link between formulating and executing strategy. LinkVisum adheres to program management best practices, that facilitate the optimization of costs, resources, and staffing; integrates and resolves inter-project dependencies and deliverables; and enables achievement of expected benefits.

Acquisition Support

LinkVisum develops Acquisition Strategy Plans, Source Selection Plans, solicitation documents, and evaluation criteria. In respect to acquisition execution, our consultants develop acquisition schedules, project plans, Statements of Objectives, and Independent Government Cost Estimates. In addition, LinkVisum conducts market research and drafts acquisition alternative documents. Our team is experienced at performing the required tasks to close out contracts in accordance with FAR, DFAR, CFR, and administrative requirements. 

Risk Management

LinkVisum provides specialized risk management services for mission-critical programs and projects. We work with you to establish risk awareness and set appropriate risk tolerance levels while creating systems to proactively mitigate risks at the lowest effective level of an organization.  Our goal is for employees’ responses to be quick and effective within appropriate risk management guidelines.


Reduced budgets and a changing federal workforce puts an already complex acquisition process is under more pressure than ever. LinkVisum has the expertise to help navigate this process. Our Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) practitioners excel in providing the strategy and acquisition support needed for any stage of the acquisition lifecycle. We develop and review business cases, such as the Exhibit 300 and 53 business cases; provide project management support regarding CPIC, federal, and agency budgeting policies; conduct financial, business, and cost-benefit analyses and ROI studies; and develop and maintain CPIC policies, guidance, and training programs.


Our Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services help ensure that you can achieve your business, technical, and strategic goals through active engagement and program/project management support activities that provide an objective, unbiased assessment of work products and processes throughout a project lifecycle. By operating as an independent third party, we serve a useful role in your quality management process, enabling early detection of problems and identification of opportunities to improve processes and work products, such as through proactive prevention of errors. These actions help lower the overall cost of the project.


LinkVisum consultants are experienced in helping government agencies set up project governance structures for improved decision making, project execution, and accountability, which lead to projects being delivered on time and on budget. We can help you stand up project boards or steering committees with the appropriate authority levels to enable more timely decision making in a logical and consistent manner.  We also can help you prioritize your project portfolio and align it to your organization’s goals and objectives.


When your meeting outcome stakes are high, you don’t want to leave anything to chance . LinkVisum'smeeting facilitators can help groups achieve desired results through well-designed, interactive, and properly facilitated meetings. Our facilitators can increase meeting effectiveness through proper management of the meeting agenda and time and can ensure the engagement of all attendees. We also leverage our skills and extensive experience to assist you to better manage group dynamics and define approaches that will enhance team collaboration and communication.

Communication Support

The successful execution of large programs hinges on the ability to effectively communicate and tailor messaging to the various stakeholders. LinkVisum has successfully performed activities from strategic communication planning to tactical development of media. Our services include communication planning, stakeholder analysis, employee and public outreach, digital media content development, visual communication product development, graphic design, animation, video production, web design, presentation design, informational product design, conference booth design, interactive media development, editorial product development, brand management, digital experience design, user interface design, and social media strategy and management.

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